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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

with great glamour comes great...lingerie

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

i was just doing a test run for my outfit tonight.  i'm going out for quite a dinner, and put my dress on, and realized my bustier bra was too big and was making for an ill-fitting look.  i panicked, gathered my things, and ran out the door for the nearest lingerie store for a new corset.  luckily, this is New York, and you could probably get a bra at 4 am if you needed one, so even though it was nearing 7 pm, I had plenty of choices..but it made me remember that what goes under your fabulous outfits is just as important as the fabulous outfit here are some glamorous essentials for your unmentionables drawer...

the everyday bra...

The Incredible Bra (demi) at Victoria's Secret - this is my everyday, go to bra.  no back fat pinching, everything looks smooth, it doesn't push my boobs up in an out of control way, but gives everything a nice shape!  easy on the wallet too!! ($45-$48,

the daily panty 

Cosabella Bootie Thong - seriously, these are all i wear.  they come in a million colors, go under everything and anything, never show a line, and i have yet to have a pair lose shape or elasticity in the wash.  a steep price tag for a pair of underwear, but they're worth every cent. you don't need another panty.  ($21,

the corset

classic corset, Agent Provocateur - every woman, at some point in her life, will need to wear a corset and if that occassion comes up more than once or twice for you, it's worth investing a little money into a really well made corset.  sure, they're sexy and conjur up images of s&m whips and sure, they can be quite painful, but when tied properly (and with your body properly adjusted in there), they are completely essential for evening wear and can easily take you down by a size, if not two.  be aware, you will need someone else to tie you in and you will be gasping for air...but you will look flawless. this is for major looks, amateurs need not apply. ($370,

the bustier

the Back-Off Baby Low-back Bustier - another Victoria's Secret gem, this bustier is perfect for strapless dresses, gowns, or even strapless tops (although i hope tube tops never come back into style) - and it's less intense than the aforementioned corset, yet still offers a nice slimming effect along the natural waist.  comes in black, white,and leopard print ($58,

the relaxed bra

Cosabella Never Say Never bralette - some days, you don't want the girls to be front and center.  some days, you just want a relaxed, comfortable bra that is still pretty.  Cosabella gives us just that with the Never Say  Never bralette.  it matches the panties perfectly and comes in a rainbow of colors - i have it in several myself. it's sexy without being overtly so...i never even mind if the straps show, as they're covered in pretty delicate lace. it's the perfect piece to have in your lingerie drawer! ($50