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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file - hair-y situation!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

hair hair hair - it truly makes the outfit, does it not?  out of all the things i talk about here, i get the most questions, comments, requests to talk hair.  i have to be honest, i'm a wash 'n go gal... i don't always put a ton of effort into my hair, but i do have a few tricks up my sleeve that i'm more than willing to share!!!

Everyday Hair

(this is wash 'n go hair)

(i did not blow my own hair out here. please. i'm not that good.  he is, though!)

the most important part of my hair is the man who stands behind the stylists chair and wields the scissors/razor.  my stylist is right for me..his style, his vision, his's all right for me and my hair.  he's gotten plenty of negative reviews in his time, but those girls weren't the right fit with him.  when i talk to him about clients he feels successful with, he always talks about having the right "click" with them.  so if i can give you only one piece of advice for great's hunt the right stylist down...and don't give up until you find him/her!  ask friends, read reviews online, read magazine reviews... and ask the salon owner...does this stylist typically work with your texture? do they specialize in long or short hair? classic shapes or more fashion forward?  do. your. homework.  try them all out until you find the one. and when you find the right one...follow them.  

confession: i found mine when i was 20. i was visiting new york with a friend and booked an appointment at a new york salon because i wanted to get a "fancy" haircut.  he cut my hair flawlessly and for months after (and i mean months...) i got so many compliments about how beautifully my hair fell.  when i moved to new york on my own..i absolutely hunted him down and made him mine.  it was love at first slice of the razor.

i am not into blow-drying or messing with my hair, so i told him how important it was to me to have an easy hair style.  and he listened.

(that's him, listening to me..on a separate occasion, though)

so while my usual response to 'how do you get those waves in your hair' is "i have a really great haircut and i literally just get it wet and leave my apartment?" and that usually makes girls tell me "ugh i hate you!"'s the truth.  my hair hasn't changed in the last 5 years, it's the cut that's changed and what took it from normal wavy hair to really great, magazine worthy, tousled wavy locks.  it is a GREAT haircut - but i put my effort in too.  i go in regularly for maintenance...a trim here, a snip there.  a great haircut can last you for up to 6 months, but not without a few tune-ups. so that's #2. do your part.  and don't destroy your hair by constantly blow drying, flat ironing, washing etc.  heat is bad.  give your hair a break from it at least 3 days a week, if not more. if you want great hair, it has to be healthy.  and wash it every other day at the most.  washing every day dries it out.

my third best tip is to find products that are right for you.  again, use your stylist, and tell him to be straight with you.  you don't want to have a certain brand pushed on really push him/her to be helpful in finding products that help you achieve your desired look.

i have some brand loyalty... i'm a Davines girl with the occasional moment for Bumble and Bumble (their Spray de Mode hairspray still has my heart...), but i'm also MORE than willing to try Suave Professionals and if it works, i'm in.  some of my styling staples are...
1.  Davines N14 Sea Salt Primer - this immediately makes my hair disgusting to touch but beautiful to look at.  perfect for adding hold to my hair when it's "too clean" and it's my everyday go-to for my crazy hair.  if i fall asleep with my hair wet, i wake up to crazy hair.  8 sprays of this stuff, and it's back to beautifully wavy (but disgusting to touch.  trade-offs ladies....)
2.  Davines Defining Texturizer - i straighten my hair about twice a year, but when i do, i spray this stuff roots to tips, blow dry, then flat iron.  and my hair stays that way for about 3 days.  this stuff is NO. JOKE.
3.  Davines MOMO Fluid - this is an anti-frizz liquid that can go on wet or dry hair.  it smells good and it's doesn't weight my locks down.  i've got my mom hooked on this stuff too.  it's genius.
4.  Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode - what is there to say? this stuff is the end all, be all of everyday hairsprays.
5. Suave Professionals Extra Hold Hairspray - i use this for when i wear my hair up and want my fly-aways to stay put.  it has good hold, it's cheap, and it really does work!

so that's how i maintain the everyday hair.  oh, and uhh...the hairflip is crucial.  always do a good hairflip (at any time of the day) to refresh your locks.  it helps (mentally and physically)!

for special hair...

i love a really major, strong look for hair.  while my every day look is pretty relaxed, i also sometimes go for REALLY serious hair...

again, my relationship with my stylist is really important here.  no, i don't go to him for everything, but i do for a lot of them, and those updos inspire some of the ones i do myself.  my personal look is kind of deconstructed..i don't really go for anything too polished, and it is a dialogue that him and i had from updo #1.  so my next tip... be vocal about what you want. no one wants bad prom hair with contrived curls, and you don't want hair that isn't "you," so it's important to convey exactly what you want.  bring pictures of what inspires you, talk about the look you want to achieve...the type of message you want your hair to send.  do you want to look classic? interesting? sophisticated? punk-inspired? Amy Winehouse inspired? Black Swan inspired? totally crazy?  you have to TELL THEM what you want.

so that covers styling while sitting in the chair.  but what about styling at home?  the last picture..that major bun...i do that myself.  but you know where i learned it?  i'm a hair model for styling school.  and i go every time they have a styling class.  and i pay attention to what the professionals tell the students.  and after about 10 classes of being the guinea pig...i can style my hair and i can do it pretty damn well!  so look around and see if there are any beauty schools looking for styling models, or any hair seminars coming into town that need hair models. or ask your local salon if they have education classes and need hair models.   it's a really neat way to learn new things! sum things up.  good hair isn't a right, it's a privilege.  it's a two way relationship between you and your stylist.
1. find the right stylist for you. do your homework and do it well.  search until you fall in love.
2. do your part.  keep up with maintenance, don't stress your hair out with heat styling every day or washing every day.  give it a break!
3. find the right products for your hair type. trial and error, along with your stylist, is the only way to do this.
4. be vocal about what you want.  don't sit silently and end up with something you hate.  start every salon visit with a conversation.
5. if you want to be a self-styler...make it a point to learn in any way you can.

hit me up with any other questions - i'm always happy to answer them...or ask that lovely stylist of mine and get back to you if i don't know myself!