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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file - this week's highlights

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

visiting grandparents! dress, Banana Republic.  getting the last few breaths out of my maxi dresses for summer!

long 'super skinny' trousers, The Gap.  garrah pump, Banana Republic.  silk top, The Gap (it was way too hot to be wearing a silk top that day, i'll admit).  i'm in love with these pants. the gap, whose pants i love (they're cut narrowly in the hips, and i have no hips..), have finally started making a "long" size!  i love how they gather at my ankles, i think it looks super chic.  

coffee run!  skirt, unknown but i love it.  cardigan, my sister's.  ' a full sentence' tee, Stylemint.  shoes, TOMS.  lipstick, tom ford beaute in pure pink. hair...a disaster!

errands on a beautiful day!  dress, Old Navy (not ashamed!). belt, jcrew.
i bought this old navy dress during my junior year of college and it's now absolutely enormous on me (size wise, i'm kind of a shadow of my former self... thank you Equinox, walking everywhere, and being too busy to eat!), but i still think it's cute so instead of ditching it...i belt it and keep it modern with funky shoes and messy hair.

said errands - a bang trim.  ended up being a full out dry cut.  no length taken off, but layers were cleaned up. i love how it looks!

tank top, Nike. shorts, Lululemon. sneakers, A Bathing Ape (Bapes)
listen...i love high heels.  it's true. but i also love...sneakers.  i wasn't always a girly fashionista.  i spent many a years in the tomboy stage, and my love for sneakers stayed with me.....

i love these Bapes.  I got them at the Bape store in SoHo on Greene Street, they're a limited edition 'New York' color scheme, and they're awesome.  Bapes are pretty tough to come by..they sell out fast..but a plus for being a girl with a sneaker addiction...most men don't wear/buy size 6.5.  they always have almost every color in my size! :)

i have Marchesa, Lanvin, and Timo Weiland dresses in my closet...and then Bapes on my shoe shelf!  do you have any 'out of character' fashion obsessions?!