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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

Bess Spring/Summer 2012

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

the first official day of NYFW brought me to the punk powerhouse show of Bess - the dynamic, eclectic duo that has grown infamous for leather, studs, and...more studs.  these two make some of the sickest, most amazing studded accessories ever.  i mean, Lil' Wayne was wearing a pair of their customized studded sneaks at the VMAs.  Lindsay Lohan is a fan (does anyone care?) and every scenster on the lower east side has a pair of their jeans, trimmed with metal studs.

what Bess showed yesterday was nothing like what we're used to.  this was Bess on acid - neon candy club kids of the 90's with lollipops, pigtails, and see-thru backpacks with glitter.  the models were in neon stripes, furs, polka dots and more..strutting down the little runway inside the brand's SoHo shop to Cazwell's "Ice Cream Truck" blaring over the speakers.

this isn't the Bess that most of us have come to love, but it actually is.  the husband/wife duo is all about breaking the stereotype, breaking the mold..and always keeping us guessing.  who would have thought that we'd show up to Bess on Thrursday afternoon and see 90's club kids?  before the show started, i was chatting with the show's key hair stylist, Sarajane Lynch, and she told me the hair was very Baby Spice/Gwen Stefani in the 90's, with lots of knots, and that no two girls looked a like...and that's when i knew we were in for a show!

are the clothes wearable?  yes and no.  for the gal who has to go to work everyday....not really (but okay i'd wear the cropped, hooded pink fur jacket to work....seriously, i would) but for the girls/boys who make a living as downtown fashionistas/party-goers/djs... it has it's place.

it was a show - it was fun - it's fashion week - but i'll stick with the studded skinny jeans!

pictures courtesy of
video courtesy of stilettos on sullivan