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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

The Row - Spring/Summer 2012

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's not a secret that i'm a complete slave to The Row.  if i have the means to invest in an article of clothing, it is 100% going to be The Row.  season after season, Ashley and Mary-Kate send the most sophisticated, luxurious, and chic fabrics and cuts down the runway - and it is what keeps me coming back for me.

last season was an experiment in fur, color, and patterns for The Row.  this season, they went back to their neutral palette roots, showing pure whites, pale blushes, and the slightest dust of blue in ethereal, ghostly fabrics that floated down the runway in a the most minimal way possible, while still making the most powerful statement. The Row woman in the summer is thoughtful about her clothes, but still practical.  loose fitting trousers in light as air fabrics, slouchy tank tops, sharply tailored blazers, a cream leather shell, and my favorite - well fit wide-leg pants paired with a fitted t-shirt.  the combination is insanely chic without being condescending or overly-intellectual.  it's a summer combination.

the latter half of the show yielded strong and dense embroidery in a shell with an obi-esque belt, pants and tops decorated with shell-pieces, and most stunningly, a beautiful full length gown in mother-of-pearl embroidery with a kimono-inspired bodice.

the shapes were, as always, kept simple, letting the fabrics do the work and perhaps the most impressive feat of the The Row is the ability to show complete looks that are easily deconstructed.  it is simple to pull each outfit apart and find chic separates that are wearable in a variety of ways, a task that many designers seem to fail at.

perhaps because Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen didn't set out to be designers, but rather to make clothes to fill the voids in their closet - or perhaps they simply have a better understanding of their customer... either way, The Row gives us clothes that real women can wear in their real lives, every day.

(a close up of the beautiful bib embroidery on the top shown above)

(this is too beautiful for words)

(photos via &