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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file - this week's highlights, what i wore

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

this week went by incredibly slow and incredibly fast.  the day job has completely gone off the rails, and i barely remember what happened on Monday - it's been bananas.  in the meantime, fall has officially arrived!  the days are sunny and cool and the nights are downright cold - it's a very welcome change from the boiling sidewalks and humid nights in Manhattan.  and now i think winter is slowly on it's way.... but for now, let's enjoy light jackets and scarves, right?

this week, like i said, work was insane.  i kind of felt like i was dressing for battle each morning...

leather leggings, doo-ri. polka dot tank top, Club Monaco.  top, Marc by Marc Jacobs.  

sequins always spice up the work day! skirt, jcrew. chambray tunic, jcrew. leather bomber jacket, Banana Republic. tights, Wolford. boots, Frye. 

a more casual look. chinos, jcrew. tshirt, The Row. shoes, jcrew. belt, i can't remember! (but do see below...)

the belt was the best part of the outfit, for me.  dark maroon glitter to sass up an otherwise functional outfit!

 i talk about The Row a lot - its' my favorite label... and i think one of the best details of their clothes are the beautiful hang tags... little gold chains emblazoned with "the row. made in usa."  very understated but insanely glamorous!

lingerie/ballerina inspired... top, Abercrombie (circa 2005!). sweater, jcrew. pants, Zara. flats, Tory Burch.

so in other news...two discoveries for NY'ers to check out this week.
1. the Lemon Lozenge at Juice Generation.  hot lemon, apple, and ginger juice sweetened with agave nectar. i'm fully and wholly obsessed.   perfect for cold mornings, or mornings that you're battling a bit of a cold..
2.  Mary-Dana Abbott's yoga classes - always challenging but insanely soothing and therapeutic.  she has the most magical touch.  she teaches at Equinox, Laughing Lotus..and various other places in the city.  she's absolutely amazing and her playlists are KICK ASS.  she's known to drop some Massive Attack in there while you're in warrior 2...

amd feature i'm going to start including on my 'what i wore' updates... 

this week's highlights, what i'm LISTENING to!
  • eve, the apple of my eye - bell 1x
  • no more shall we part - nick cave and the bad seeds
  • islands - the xx
  • slow like honey - fiona apple
  • stand inside your love - the smashing pumpkins
  • bring the noise pump-kin remix - benny benassi vs public enemy
  • HR 8938 cephei - deadmau5