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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

confession: when i was 15, i taped the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  on VHS.  and i watched it over and over and over again.  i was completely transfixed with how glamorous the Angels were.  i'm not ashamed of this. i'm proud of this - i kind of view it as one of the defining moments of my young life.  that VHS tape, which is probably long worn out now, made me hyper aware of what it meant to be a "glamazon."  how to walk a runway, how to be sexy.  i used to practice my runway walk down my hallway, using that VHS tape as my guide.

so believe me when i say that when i'm so insanely lucky enough to score a seat at the real deal... it's a surreal dream come true.

(my iPhone view of Doutzen in her huge black major)

incase you didn't hate yourself enough, Adriana Lima walks out her in superhero lingerie get-up....

and Kanye likes it too.... (my iPhone view!)

Behati Prinsloo is the cutest chick out there!

Karlie Kloss makes her Angel debut!!!!!

Karlie Kloss earns her wings....

(my view of Kloss' enormous pink wings...such a moment!)

Karlie Kloss closes the show in a disco ball skirt & neon wings...

(my iPhone view of Kloss' disco ball and neon wings)

(my view of the finale, Nicki Minaj is in there somehwere)

sooo the dirt.

  • yes, these women are perfect.  not like the models i see during fashion week who are so thin it's sad.  the angels are actually perfect.  
  • Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West (w surprise guest Jay-Z) performed.  Jigga was the only highlight of that.
  • so much glitter, you guys.  so. much. glitter.
  • this is the most fun fashion show ever.  it's not really fashion, because no one would wear this stuff, but it's fun.  the girls smile, have fun, and interact with the crowd.  They have a good time, and it's infectious!
  • a few runway themes this year: ballet, underwater, superhero, and of course...VS PINK.
  • Adriana Lima's body humbles me and reminds me that brownies, even gluten free ones, are NOT OKAY.
  • the Angels are some of the most impressive girls out there.  they dance, jump, and strut down a runway wearing six inch heels with wings strapped to them, some of which weight up to 40 pounds are were up to 9 feet tall.  those wings are no joke.
  • Karlie Kloss is the new Gisele.  yeah, i said it.

all right - that's enough torture for one morning.  if you're like me, i know where you're headed now.  to the gym.  and also to the iPad to look up the basics of the raw food diet.  right?  yeah, i know.

(photos via fashionologie & my iPhone)