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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file - this week's highlights, what i wore

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

my apologies - another light week in outfits.  i was half on vacation this week, half a work, and 100% trying to ease back into real life.  after 3 weeks off, it was brutal.

so when i landed back in New York on wednesday, it was 23 degrees out.  slap in the face.  then i had to go grocery shop (for all my new years resolutions!) in 23 degree weather.  bigger slap in the face.  then i remembered that i'd booked myself a bike for 6 am SoulCycle the next morning.  i mean...damn.

first of all, that 6 am class was an ass kicker!  i worked out while on vacation but i was ready to sleep by about 3 pm on Thursday!  but no worries - i'm back in shape and back on track.  it's been thursday: soulcycle. friday: yoga. saturday: barre burn. sunday: bikram.  i've been for real, you guys.

my casual friday: jeans, Banana Republic. tank, Joie. top, unknown. flats, J.Crew

the J.Crew flats my mom got me for Christmas.  they're so great, right?

another new Bikram look.  the shorts performed FLAWLESSLY in class this afternoon. shorts & top, Lululemon.

what i listened to this week...
  • Blue Jeans - Lana Del Ray
  • I Need a Woman (part 2) - Bad Boys
  • Ray Charles - Chiddy Bang
  • The Daily Mail - Radiohead
  • Fifths (Max Zotti Remix) - Deadmau5
and finally, an update on the new years resolutions!
1.  Full Camel Pose: going well.  i held regular camel pose in yoga and Bikram with no problems.  i've had this break-thru where i've realized if i just relax my butt, my back opens up in a whole new way.  it's really major, my backbends have gone next level.
2.  Grad School: i've been studying hard for the GRE and i've been having great conversations with professors at various schools who are involved in the research i'm into.  also, i requested my transcripts from undergrad (lots of drama) and i'm committing to the week of March 1st to take my GRE.  might as well rock, you know?
3.  Chrono-Nutrition: OKAY I'M OBSESSED.  i'm never hungry during the day, i love the food i'm making myself, and even my tightest, skinniest sweat.  they're almost loose!  i feel great, feel skinny, and it's nice to not feel hungry!  i'm totally in.
4.  Bringing Lunch to Work: well i've been back to work 2 days and brought my lunch both days.  so far, so good.
5.  Proenza....: okay, still working on this.  gotta save.

so far, 2012 is proving to be good stuff!!  how are you guys doing with your resolutions?