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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file - this week's highlights, what i wore

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

this week - you guys.  the first full week back to reality post-3 week vacation.  totes bru.   i was in Bikram 3 times this week, each time getting stronger and stronger, and at the end of one class that the god-sent Tricia taught (ps it was no joke 120 in that room at one point - she was taking us beyond the next level), we were in savasana and she said "it's the year of the dragon - what are you going to do with your fire breath this year?" so yeah.  ruminate on that.

also, it was 16 degrees when i woke up this morning.  it reminded me of this time during undergrad, last semester of my senior year, the windchill was -30 degrees and they did not cancel class.  i guess 16 degrees isn't as dramatic at -30 degrees, but i'm a New Yorker - we don't do weather like this/i love being dramatic.

anyways...i'm going to start you off with the best story of my week - which revolved around this first outfit...

so i was sitting on the E train, wearing this... (pants, J Brand. black tank, The Row. tshirt, J.Crew. shoes, TOMS.)....and reading this....

an article from a Human Factors Industrial Engineering Journal about pilot behavior when modeling paired flight approaches (whatever, judge me. i love it)... and the guy sitting next to me, out of no where, says "Hey girl...i dig your red pants and your smart magazine."  ....!!!!!  CAN YOU THINK OF A BETTER WAY TO START YOUR MORNING?! i died/lived for it.

not feeling color.  ponte leggings, J.Crew. long sleeve modal shirt, Alexander Wang. boots, Frye.

i've had this dress for awhile, and now it's too big on me :( white girl problems.  so i took that green sash ribbon from another dress and tied it so tight i could barely  breathe around my ribs. it was a satisfactory temporary solution.  dress, Anthropologie. shoes, J.Crew. green belt, from another dress.

saturday errands in organization and aviation. jeans & pink shirt, J.Crew. tshirt, StyleMint. leather bomber jacket, Banana Republic. shoes, Jack Purcell.

i've been feeling casual on weekends.  jeans, J.Crew.  tshirt, Free City. shoes, Bapes. hat, REI SoHo.  body, by Bikram LES.  and yeah... the chick in the Bapes, carrying the PS1.  

also - i wanted to share with you guys... the dogs got new sweaters.  and omg they TURNED IT OUT for a little puppy photoshoot in their new looks...
(they did this all by themselves. giving us a Pottery Barn catalog story)

little Tofie - my sister's maltipoo - 6 pounds of pure trouble - showing us a side view of his new sweater.

Charlie - our cockapoo - working his stripes against the contrast of the rug. and he's like 'aren't my ears amazing?'

the two boys modeling together, like 'we are sooo cute, can you even stand it?' (along with my adorable older sister, Stephanie)
ok so we all get a little crazy over our dogs...

what i listened to this week...
  • Perfect Darkness - Fink
  • You Be Killin Em - Fabolous
  • Anything you Synthesize - The American Dollar
  • Never Mess with Sunday - Yppah
  • Warrior - Nelly
  • Stage Dive - SOL (thanks Aaron!)
  • Trojans - Atlas Genius (thanks Eric!)
  • Til Kingdom Come - Coldplay

ahh three day weekend, by the way.  thank you, MLK - and p.s. spin class this afternoon started out with a techno remix of his "I have a Dream" speech. swear. only in New York.

so - Year of the Dragon.  how are you going to use your fire breath?  

quick update: i'm totally going to nail full camel pose by march, i feel it.  chrono nutrition is officially my obsession, and i'm still studying away from my GRE. i'm determined to f'ing nail it!