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the art of getting dressed.

The Fashion Girls Guide to Super Bowl Sunday!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, whether we like it or not!  Indianapolis is going nuts (but let it be known that Matt Lauer did not venture to Indy to do the Today Show this morning.  he cannot be bothered to mingle with the plebeians like that.  he can't leave his ivory Manhattan tower in his sassy grey suits to be glib in the Midwest. oh no.) and the Tri-State area is also going nuts....GO GIANTS!!!  we love us some Eli Manning!

but okay - it's a big sports day and most fashion girls are still required to participate in order to appear normal and supportive to boyfriends, husbands, or male friends.  like hey...i can do sports too guys!  but it can be a problematic day for girls like us, right?  lots of ill-fitting jerseys going on, lots of fried food, lots of football words being thrown around that we may or may not understand...  so here's a little guide for the Fashion Chick...on getting through Super Bowl Sunday unscathed!

1. Wardrobe (duh)
You really have 3 options here.  1. bring the FASHION.  2. look chic but mostly normal. 3. look sporty.

bring the FASHION
this is my look for Super Bowl Sunday.  top knot, check. crop top, check. animal print, check. glittery heels, check.  neon lipstick, check.  team spirit, check!  it's a win win!  I LIVE FOR A CROP TOP.  anyways... it shows my team spirit but still lets me be me!

i mean..right? might get a few weird looks but as Oscar Wilde says...'the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about...'  t-shirt, from Modell's (cropped it myself).  skirt, Old Navy. heels, Miu Miu.  neon lipstick, Makeup Forever.

 Chic but mostly normal...
showing team spirit - still in heels - still pulling it all together with a crisp blazer and well tailored denim.  not quite as crazy.  heels, Steve Madden. jeans, Banana Republic. tshirt, Modell's. blazer, J+ by Jil Sander

 look sporty
this is still cute, you know?  not everyone wants to be the girl at the Super Bowl party who looks like the fashion unicorn. i get that.  if that's you... you can still look chic!  make sure the t-shirt is well fitted but not tight, and sporty leggings with great kicks round the look out!  tshirt, Modell's.  leggings, Lululemon. sneakers, Bapes.

2. The Eating Situation
we all know the food situation at Super Bowl parties is not great.  fried chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, pizza, crackers with cheese (??), etc.  these are things a lot of us wish we could eat but then we look at our size 4 dresses and we're like...sad.  But there are options!
  • go for the veggie tray!  every party host always buys the obligatory veggie tray - in case anyone is on a diet or wants to feel 'healthy' and snack on vegetables before eating 52 slices of pizza.  hoard the veggie tray.  it's yours.
  • drink tons of water, not soda, between snacks and with your meal.  flush all that salt out!
  • don't drink beer, hard liquor, or white wine.  drink champagne or red wine.  bring your own if you must.  it has the least amount of sugar in it.
  • no bun on your burger. obvi.
  • if you cannot resist the pizza - don't be ashamed. just go for the veggie pizza so it at least has SOME nutritional value!

3. The Actual Game
most girls (especially fashion girls) have minimal working knowledge of football.  some of us do okay - i know the rules, i know the lingo, i can get into the game (i'm from Chicago, okay? live, breathe, die sports.) - but it took me awhile to get all those words straight before i could speak intelligently during a game.  so if you're not totally sure are a few tips!

  • use your supreme emotional knowledge to read the vibe of your friends.  if they're tense...furrow your brows, even if you have no idea why they're tense.  if they're all jumping around screaming "TOUCHDOWN!" - you should too!  Touchdown! Go Giants!!!
  • it's okay to ask questions to keep it to 3 questions per half.  you don't want to sound desperate.  
  • when a team has the ball, they get 4 tries to move the ball 10 yards.  if they don't, then the other team gets the ball.  if they get past 10 yards in 4 tries or less, they keep the ball and have 4 more tries to move 10 more yards.  
  • the hand motions the ref makes don't make sense to anyone. don't be alarmed.
  • Key Names to know: Patriots: Tom Brady (married to Gisele duh).  Giants: Eli Manning (no fashion relevance but he's hot)
4.  Things Not to Say
okay so you've got the outfit, you've acquired the veggie tray, you're figuring the game out... but you still don't want to sound like a total bimbo in front of your sportsy friends.  here are a view things to avoid saying while at the party so you keep your street cred.
  • "I'm for the blue team."  (both blue teams this time, no dice)
  • "Is that pizza gluten free?" (they know it's not, you know it's not...don't make a big deal about your gluten drama)
  • "Are you guys excited for fashion week?" (they're not)
  • "Who designs the cheerleader's uniforms? They're so tacky." (being chic is not the point for football cheerleaders)
  • "Is the game over yet?"
  • "I don't drink beer."  (beer is sports people's don't hate on it. just politely refuse, no need to elaborate)
  • "I'm so bored."  (this is the holy grail of football games, it's not boring.  suck it up and act like you care, even if you don't)
okay - i think you're ready!!  you'll do great - and hey..have fun!  football is one of America's greatest pasttimes and it's a great excuse for a party!  keep your eye out for me...say hey...i'll be the chick in the crop top!