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the art of getting dressed.

Rag & Bone FW 2012

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

so the thing about sportswear.... it's hard.  it's why the designers on Project Runway freak out when their challenge is to create a sportswear look.  the thing's hard to make pants,jackets, sweaters, and tops special.  it's hard to make them covetable as well as wearable.  the ability to make a pair of pants or a jacket that fit into a woman's everyday life AND is extraordinary enough to make a gal shell out $600 for.... is what sets a designer apart in today's market - and Rag & Bone literally set the bar higher every season.

the great thing about the collection they sent down the runway on Friday was that, yes...the looks were FANTASTIC as a whole...but looking at each outfit, i could easily pull them apart and work them into my everyday wardrobe.  the slouchy black pants are next level cool, the mixing of patterns is bold but approachable, and the asymmetric hemlines of the dresses over the knit leggings took layering to a level of eccentric amazing that we really don't see enough.  but what's REALLY cool is i could rip the jacket off this chick, throw it on over jeans & a tshirt and lace my Chuck Taylors up...and i'm sorry...but i'd snappin' heads on the street (without looking overly done, too).

so that's the thing, you know?  the dresses are wearable on their own.  the sweaters with skinny jeans & chunky heeled booties (of the Rag & Bone persuasion or not), they're genius.  the slouchy, yet perfectly tailored pants...with a nude pump & well fitted Thomas Mason oxford half tucked in...i'm headed to work.  the entire collection is dissectable in a way that women can wear it.  because let's get real - no one goes into a store and buys the entire collection.  what good are clothes if you can't seamlessly weave them into your wardrobe?

the jacket would be perfect with jeans - the skirt perfect with a slinky top for an evening out

a blanket coat might be for the woman with a little more boldness...

love the idea of tails on an every-day coat.

these good.  the layering of this look is so well executed.  she looks effortless but cool
if i could have any piece for this collection, it'd be this floral brocade jacket with the fur trim.  it's SO GOOD.

Vogue claims this collection "falls short of stimulating instant desire" but i'm sorry - i call bullshit on Wintour and crew on this one.  no - perhaps it's not for the average Vogue reader who prefers a bit more primness to her wardrobe.  but the Rag & Bone chick is a real woman - a woman who listens to M.I.A. and The Black Keys and Lykke Li while getting ready for work, then sprints down the street in her heels to make her subway so she's not late, and is just naturally a little eclectic.  so to that stimulates instant desire.

...and that's where the money is - selling clothes that the everyday woman can wear and love.
fav collection of New York Fashion Week so far!

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