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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

boys on film : The Masters, 2012

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all!!!  after a particularly brutal week for me, i feel like i'm back among the living!  the medicine that Dr. McDreamy prescribed me after my horrific anaphylaxis did the eye is no longer swollen and no longer look like an extra from Deliverance.  however, the medicine had an odd effect on me and i spent my entire week in a haze.  i was confused, foggy, and in general had no concept of what was going on around me.  i barely remember what i did all week.  true story.

but now i'm better. and once i exited my haze, i remember..OMG THE MASTERS IS THIS WEEKEND.  i admit that i actually love golf.  i even own a set of clubs!  they're pink and they're FIERCE.  i am also a wicked mini-golfer and will beat everyone that challenges me (ask my parents. i'm awesome.)  i took a golf class in college, i took a few golf lessons from the cute golf pro, and i'm okay golfer.  like i can hang.  but MOST IMPORTANTLY...oh my god. the outfits.

so i was watching The Masters yesterday at beautiful Augusta National, and i was like...damn, Phil Mickelson is working. it. out. with his white belt.  and then a friend suggested that i do a post about Masters Fashion.  and yeah, Fashion with a capital F.  the men of the PGA Tour .....bring the Fashion.  not in the Givenchy sense.  but more in the way that your 6 year old niece looks when she dresses herself.  like..A+ for effort, but you can't help but laugh.

so without further ado...i give you....Masters Fashion.

first up...the grand master of Augusta Chic yesterday...Phil Mickelson (my fav!)

oh Phil.  he loves to FIST PUMP!  he was BRINGING IT yesterday in black pinstripe pants, white shoes, a white Barclays polo, A VISOR (oh yeah!), and A WHITE BELT.  Phil was crushing it yesterday, he was totally on fire all afternoon, and his outfit, which also nicely accentuated his tan, was surely the catalyst for his beautiful putting on the greens.  however, today Phil is rocking some kind of monochromatic khaki outfit and he currently just double bogeyed the 4th hole after literally shooting into the trees.  his success, i feel, is directly related to his outfits.

here is Hunter Mahan in a baby blue polo and some very interesting white and blue plaid pants.  i think plaid pants are just awful.  plaid is the kind of thing best left to Catholic school girls' skirts and MAYBE madras shorts.  MAYBE.  but alas...Hunter is a pop of color on the greens of Augusta.  his also...a look.  to say the least.

here's Rory McIlroy, also working a plaid pant look.  this is working better for me, maybe dark plaid pants are better than light ones, and i think Rory has potential to be hot.  like if they did a PGA Calander, he'd make it.  he's one of the better looking guys on the tour.  i applaud his effort here, but he's also wearing a white belt, and it's just not nearly has ferosh as Phil's.  good try, Rory, but you're just not Phil Mickelson.  you just don't bring the sexy like he does.  

here is Webb Simpson.  i don't know who Webb Simpson is...but apparently he feels that a flood is imminent.  girl needs to take a look at his inseam.  however, i DIG the rest of this look.  orange pants, low slung waist (WORK, GIRL), the preppy blue striped belt? he was not going to go quietly, no sir!  he is also wearing a Ralph polo, so he gets bonus points for sneaking a designer label into his look, as well as the stripes on his polo matching his belt.  i love this!  he's fierce.

this is a spectator, working a really intense pair of golf ball sunglasses.  best dressed.

another sad story of plaid pants.  Aaron Baddeley looks like he combined Rory's outfit and Hunter Mahan's look and got this.  again with the white belt.  when Phil walked out of the clubhouse, they had to all feel like idiots.  like here's Phil...looking SUPER SEXY in his outfit with a really major white belt and then here i am..trying to also pull off a white belt...and failing.  right?!  

oh far you've fallen.  no one even cares about you anymore.  and no one cares about your nondescript striped Nike polo either.  at least when you had 54 hookers on call, you were GOOD AT GOLF.  beep. next.

and finally, we have Lee Westwood.  blue stripes, UPS logo BLAZING on his chest, striking a major pose, and what looks to be some kind of ornate butterfly(?) belt buckle on his white belt.  he may not be CRUSHING the white belt look like Phil...but his butterfly-esque belt buckle just brings something extra that i'm on board with.

so Phil WAS in second place, poised for his 4th green jacket, but now it's anyone's game after his double bogey and his monochromatic khaki outfit.  someone with a crazy last name is leading right now, but it's early!  

i love golf.

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