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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

these boots were made for walkin' all over you

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

yeah yeah yeah Spring just started, i know.  my mind is already on Fall boots.  so sue me.

last Fall was the glittery Miu Miu heels.  we all kvelled, we all bought them, we all still love them but only wear them once in awhile now because they're totally overplayed. whatever.  this season people are freaking out over those pastel LV heels and the flame-throwing Prada wedges.  but okay - Fall is about boots, you know?  every girl loves her boots for fall/winter.  i love my Frye motorcross boots, and i love my Kors riding boots.

but omg i am FREAKING OUT over the seriously aggressive boots that are coming our way, via Proenza and Givenchy.



Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler

RIGHT?!  this is a new style of Fall boot to lust after.  these aren't the sleek, chic riding boots of the past, favored by sorority girls and New York women on the weekends alike.  these are the kind of boots for women who will eat you all for breakfast.  aggressive, tough, hardcore, thick soled (Proenza) or sheath covered (Givenchy), these are the boots of the Woman Who Takes No Shit.  and i am totally dyingggg for them.  i LOVE the aggressiveness and the clunkiness, with leather jodhpurs jammed into them, or worn with an architectural skirt or dress of equal aggression (or maybe even with a delicate piece.  Givenchy showed their boots with tough leather looks..and then with really delicate chiffon and silk spaghetti strap either way works).

lust list. for real.  Fall dreamin' already....

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