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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file - what i wore! (dancing on my own)

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

my days in New York are down to twelve.  literally.  12 days until i get on my one-way flight and leave New York as my home.  i booked my flight today.  and i was thinking...what a strange, incredible, unexpected journey it's been.  when i moved here three years ago, i would have never guessed that my path would lead me to where i stand now, i am!

i've been in Indiana for a very brief trip, tying up some loose ends for school, and getting ready to move back, and also fending off a lot of questions like "are you dying that you're moving from New York City to...West Lafayette, IN?!  it's like Amish!"  and i'm like...listen.  Manhattan will always been in me.  i've learned who i am while roaming the streets of this city.  but you can only follow a certain path, especially if it isn't the one you're destined for, for so long.  so no, i'm not dying that i'm leaving the greatest city in the world for a small town in Indiana.  in fact, i'm obsessed with the idea.  what i want is sitting in that lovely small town, and i'm relishing the experience that lies ahead of me.  life is full of unexpected turns...that's something New York taught this next adventure, which will shape the rest of my life, is only the tip of the ice berg.

anyways - i got the most INSANE SHOES this week...

gold nappa leather wedges, Oscar de la Renta.  seriously, no words.

doing a kind of formal thing for an informal brunch.   dress, unknown (i cut the tag out eons ago).

got to take the dogs on a beach walk!!! shorts, lululemon. tank top, Soul-Cycle.

so here's to the next big step, right?!  onwards to engineering graduate school.  (well, first, a few weeks off, enjoying time with my dogs and my family, relaxing before the REAL work begins).  i'm really excited to see how things move along - how out of place will i feel?  will my clothes freak the other grad students out?  will i be the only one in high heels? will i be the only girl (serious questions. this may actually happen)?

i think the best way i can wrap up my time in New York is to quote probably the best show on television right now (Girls, obviously).  "Your dreams are not what you thought they'd be."  when we graduate college, we all have this image of how we think our lives are going to be....we make five year plans, and ten year plans.  the thing is...those plans generally don't work so you have to just let life happen.  your dreams are not what you thought they'd be.  and maybe your true calling is in a small town in Indiana doing air transportation research.  and you just have to go with that.  because it may change your life and you may make an incredible impact and find your place in this world.

so that's that.  12 days.  then the next chapter.