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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

a call to arms: LET'S GET DRESSED.

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

my first full week of being back on campus is officially wrapped up.  it's been a crazy week - orientation, meeting my lab, settling into my apartment, buying new furniture, figuring out how to use zipcars, running the hills at Ross-Ade and resisting the urge to crawl home after it... it's all been good.

however, the student body is now fully back in action, as classes start on Monday, and campus is now exploding with life/people.  this morning, while crushing 7:45min splits on a long, long Saturday morning distance run, and then later on walking to the Zipcar location... i was looking around and i was like...damn.  every girl walking around campus is wearing like..Nike tempo running shorts.  however, none of them were running, or even thinking about running (i could tell, trust).  no one was person clothing.  everyone was in these shorts (which are the least flattering shorts maybe ever, i've decided) and t-shirts. i kept thinking...WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? it's 2:45 pm and no one is dressed?!

no!! no no no!

now look - i'll be the first to admit that i usually am wearing Lululemon running tights or wunderunders to go get my coffee in the morning (unless i'm on my way to the office, then i'm dressed, obviously).  before 10 am, it's generally acceptable to be in your workout clothes.  also, i can further justify my Starbucks-getting attire by this: i work out every morning.  so i'm not sporting my yoga leggings for fun.  there's a 90% chance i just did yoga if you see me out in them.  or if i'm in line for my latte in my running skirt - i'm also probably pouring sweat still & may smell a little questionable, as i've most likely just finished my run.  so ok - but sometimes i just got out of bed too.  it happens.

HOWEVER - after breakfast time has passed....LADIES.  LET'S GET DRESSED.  

this is a problem that needs to be fixed!  Nike Tempo Shorts are NOT ACCEPTABLE attire (with very few exceptions!)!  LET'S PUT IN SOME EFFORT!  is it really that much more difficult to put on nice  shorts & a cute slub cotton tee vs Nike running shorts and a ratty t-shirt from high school?  NO!  

i'm not saying we should all be dressed to the 9's at every moment of the day - but is a pair of jeans too much to ask?  i think not!

as women - we are blessed to have SOOO many options when it comes to getting dressed.  pants, jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, all kinds of tops... they come at all price points, all there's no excuse.  even if your hair is a disaster in a messy top'll look cuter in a little cotton sundress than it will in a pair of workout shorts & a gross t-shirt.  PROMISE.  

workout clothes/lounge attire are called that for a reason...they're for workouts & lounging in your home.  get dressed, put on real clothes, and take advantage of all of the feminine wiles you've been blessed with!

and p.s. while i'm at it: the stretchy jersey athletic head bands + ULTRA messy ponytail...girls. this is not a thing.  this should not be happening.  the athletic headband is for one thing and one thing only: when you're doing some kind of intense athletic activity where you need your hair off your face.   they are not for public wear.  if your ponytail or top knot is going to be messy and your little wispies need some help...this is what bobby pins are for.  


sorry - i just am desperate for a little civility in the way we're presenting ourselves in public, people!

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