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the art of getting dressed.

Ann Romney - RNC 2012, the break-out star!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

now i don't ever want to get to political on here - this is a fashion thing..not a politics thing.. but it creeps in every now and again, especially with First Ladies.  i've discussed Michelle Obama several times..and while she's not personally my cup of tea, i greatly admire what she's done for several designers, and i think it's awesome that she consciously wears a lot of up-and-comers in the American fashion industry.  it's big press for them and in some cases, skyrockets them to mega-fame (see; Jason Wu).  i also very much admire Laura Bush and her quiet, elegant grace.

but hold up.  last night was the Republican National Convention, and Republican nominee Mitt Romney...'s wife...STOLE THE SHOW.  Ann Romney sauntered on to that stage in a super chic, super age-appropriate, and super fierce red dress with elbow length sleeves, a nipped/belted waist, and a great a-line shape...and we were all like..damn girl. right?!  and is it just me, or have we never seen Mrs. Romney look so gorgeous?!

she topped the look off with a few gold accents, FEROSH red lips, and slick red nails.  and her speech was incredible.  she was poised, gorgeous, feminine, and spoke with great confidence about her stud muffin husband.  (sorry - but you know it's true.  Mitt looks like a President Ken doll)

Welcome to the game, Mrs. Romney!

there are a lot of things to love and admire about Ann Romney - she raised five boys as a stay-at-home mom, she's battled breast cancer and she struggles with MS (and does this with the utmost grace), and she actually tends to favor non-attention grabbing outfits while out on the campaign trail with her husband.  she clings to the small iota of privacy that is still given to a public figure, but does so with a smile.  she's an elegant, graceful woman.

but actually my favorite thing about Ann she has Mitt Romney ON LOCKDOWN.

look at Mitt watching her walk out there!  he's like "....THAT'S MY PIECE.  LOVE HER."  and the hug/kiss afterwards?  SO presh.  and when she finished, he told her "you were fabulous."  oh Mitt, you're such a WASP.  but no really - Ann has her man on lockdown and Mitt doesn't even mind.  they've been married for a bajllion years (technical term, obvi), and after all this time, five kids, and a yacht full of grandkids, Mitt is still totally into his girl.

the press has reported that he's significantly less uptight in interviews when she's there, and i read this adorable story about when Ann was diagnosed with MS, and she had to undergo a series of neurological tests...and RMoney said watching her struggle and fail those tests was the worst day of his life.  i mean... AWWWW.

what i gather from her fierceness last night - her look, her speech, her demeanor - and from the other press snippets and stories we get about her - is that Ann Romney is a top shelf, quality woman.

they always say that behind every great man is a great woman - and with the presidential race genuinely becoming tight... Ann Romney may just be the fierce woman behind the next president.

love you Ann!

UPDATE: Ann was wearing Oscar de la Renta.  WERK, GIRL.

pictures via AP