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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

blood, sugar, baby..she has it, sex magik.

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

sometimes when you're shopping and you find something, you want it.  other times, you NEED it.  and then once in awhile...when all the stars align and blue moons organize's made for you and there are no other options in life except to have it.

and in the 8th month of 2012, the lingerie gods spoke to me and said "and on this day, i shall bestow upon thee namesake Agent Provocateur lingerie, and you shall go forth, and entice."

so wait. no i'm serious.  Agent Provocateur released their Autumn/Winter 2012 collections earlier this month and there is LITERALLY a "Caitlin" range.  it's bondage inspired, pink french lace with black accents, and i saw it and i was like...a Caitlin bra/Caitlin thong/Caitlin waspie? FULL STOP.

not my first foray in an Agent Provocateur obsession - but lately i'm really, really into fancy lingerie.  it just kind of adds a little extra...pep in my step, knowing what i've got underneath.  i was already excited for the A/W 2012 ranges - and then they name one after me.  so like, damn.  absolutely zero choice.  and it's so hot, right?  it's sweet and nasty, all at the same time.  and i kept thinking...when i have this, it'll be Caitlin on Caitlin.  yes.

so i got it - and it's very effective, to say the least.  it's even better in person.  and in this process, i learned two things.

1. if something is named after you, and they even spelled your name properly, there's no option except to own.  because it's obviously made for you.
2. uh...Agent Provocateur is the end all, be all in luxury.

while i generally feel that lingerie is really just as, if not less, revealing than your average bikini... i think i'll keep the photos of me, in it, to myself - as there's a certain gentleman X who prefer it to be his eyes only, you know.  but we can get a little creative with it...

that's all you get.  but as anyone who's ever encountered any woman who has given herself over to the power of The Miss AP knows... it's blood, sugar, crazy, sex magik ;-)