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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

if you were my boyfriend.... (i'd steal your jeans)

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

boyfriend jeans are obviously not a new thing.  Katie Holmes sent us all into a frenzy years ago when she sauntered out in the thick of her Mrs. Cruise days wearing a pair of loose fitting, slightly destructed "boyfriend jeans."  Victoria Beckham soon followed, so did Rachel Bilson, so did everyone.  it's a super cute, tomboyish look that most women aspire to.  like duh, girls who can make this work just look so damn cute, right?  it's an impossibly adorable mix of girly and boyish....which a lot of girls cannot resist.

up until recently, this look was beyond my grasp.  i tried countless pairs of "boyfriend jeans" on....from high end to low end, R13 to Old Navy...and they just didn't fit me right!  i have a small wasit, very narrow hips (sounds good so far)...and then athletic thighs.  i run, dance, do yoga, box, circuit train... there is rarely a form of exercise i'll say no to (except swimming), and i'm a natural my legs are muscular.  which is no problem....EXCEPT...when it comes to the elusive boyfriend jean!  my legs just fill out the thigh area, which is supposed to be loose and baggy.  so while i wanted so badly to make this work, i just couldn't.

but wait.  a few days ago i was, again, lusting at boyfriend jeans on shopbop and i was thinking to myself... i'm thin, narrow waisted, and then..UGH MY MUSCLES.  .....wait.  actually...that a boy is actually built?  could i wear....actual mens jeans? and...they'd look like....YES.

so that's it.  that's the key to my elusive mystery.  instead of buying women's jeans that are "cut" like mens jeans....i bought MEN'S jeans!!!!!!!!!   and omg they are PERFECT.  i'm still experimenting with exactly how i'll make them work...and i've come to the conclusion that it is 100% all about the footwear...but....

french rolled with a stretchy, striped dolman sleeve top, ultra girly strappy gold wedge heel....  men's jeans, Old Navy.  top, Old Navy.  dakota wedge heel, Oscar de la Renta.

normal cuff, loose tank, killer stiletto.  men's jeans, Old Navy. tank, The Row.  heels, Christian Louboutin.  

tried them with flats, so exposed the midriff to mix it up.  men's jeans, Old Navy. leopard perfect shirt, J.Crew. oxfords, stole from a photoshoot a few years ago, no label inside.

right? so they're perfectly baggy, they look great, and i'm finding a lot of options.  i think heels are a must, be it a stiletto or a wedge (it adds really cute flirtiness to it, i think)....the oxfords are cute but that'll have to be a day i'm feeling EXTRA thin.  the key has been found!  forget women's versions. just actually steal your boyfriend's jeans!

p.s. a few things i learned in this process....1.  men's sizing is NOT like women's.  i'm a size 27/28 in real life.  in mens slim fit denim, i am a 30 (apparently men have NO hips at all).  2.  inseam sizing is weird too.  3.  the pockets in men's denim are like deep like oceans.