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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file: week 1, the start of classes

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

my first week as a grad student - classes officially started!  the awkwardness of orientation is over - i've settled in with my lab in my dungeon of an office in the basement of the Potter Engineering Library, and i'm finding a rhythm.  i'm taking three classes - Linear Regression Analysis, Air Transportation Systems, and System Simulation.... i know they sound as entertaining as ...well...a rock.  but i'm actually liking them..especially Air Transportation.  great professor from South Africa...super weird and hysterical classroom dynamic from a vast variety of in-class personalities, and super interesting topic!  also, i made a friend in that exchange student from the Paris Astronautics Engineering program.  she's fabulous and we were immediately drawn to each other.  (this makes me very proud of myself - as i'm generally a hermit and have a terrible time making friends).

i had a really good week, actually.  surprisingly..i'm already on track with a thesis topic after a great meeting this morning with my advisor..and i'll be honest, i was really happy with all my outfits this week.  i think in an environment like this, where i'm all new & kind of a SEVERE's important to take a queue from Lee McQueen's perspective on getting dressed...
"It's almost like putting armor on a woman.  it's a very psychological way of dressing."
getting dressed, to me, is your armor for the day.  it's your first line of defense.  sets your mood, lets people know how you're feeling.  just something to think about...

i wore a non-sheer shirt to the seminar lecture on wind turbine energy...then put this shirt on for dinner later on.  remember...sheer shirts = not for daywear usually.  top, Alex & Alex. jeans, J Brand. wedges, Oscar de la Renta.

first day of class!  dress, The Webster Miami for Target. flats, J.Crew.

co-ed look.  shorts, The Gap (cut-off), gauze sweater, T by Alexander Wang. sneakers, Jack Purcell.

errands.  jeans, Banana Republic.  tank, The Row. chiffon kimono, StyleMint. flats, J.Crew.

got it, flaunt it, hair included.  maxi skirt, J.Crew Collection. top, ASOS petite w/ Lululemon trinity bra under it.

fresh friday! always end on a positive note.  dress, Ya LA. heels, Vince Camuto.

so my previous questions - about like..would i be the only girl? would be the only person wearing heels?  well i'm not the only girl - my female peers in human factors are actually very lovely and sweet. but yes i'm the only one in heels & generally tower at least 4 inches over the boys.  but shy away from being the tallest person in the room?  not this way!

i was also stressed that i'd feel really out of place...or that i'd be uncomfortable here, or feel like the unicorn of my group.  what i've found this week is that i've matured past that.  i am the unicorn of the group but that's fine.  what i've discovered this week is that i truly am comfortable in my own skin.  i'm not struggling to find my place or to fit in at all.  it's nice to feel that contentment with who you are, even in an outrageously new situation.

so what the Beats were blasting on repeat this week (particularly obsessed with that Florence remix..)...

so that's a wrap on week 1!  it's all happening....