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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file: week 2, settling in.

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

week two always has like, somewhat less luster than week know?  the excitement of the brand new is gone, and now it's about finding a routine and settling into it.  i remember when i first began my "adult life" in New York, it was hard for me to settle into a routine.  undergrad had been so busy, so hectic...i always had SO much to do.  in the real world,  you don't have homework.  sometimes i'd have work to do at night but my very demanding undergrad life taught me how to work fast and work i very rarely had much to bring home.  i had my nights free so settling into a routine was weird.  what to do?

i'm settling into grad school with ease, actually.  last week i talked about how i've surprised myself with how comfortable i am with who i am, even in this extremely new environment.  this week i settled in with a routine and also have gotten my feet back into high heel shape (after a summer of flats & my sneakers...i worked out a was time to get those arches back in working order).  my class schedule is primarily in the afternoon, so my mornings are left for reading/class prep, and my afternoons are spent on campus.  it's a comfortable pace, a welcome change from the New York rat race.

i get dressed for class, despite the trend of wearing running clothes on campus (ugh).  dress, Anthropologie.  heels, J.Crew.

coffee bigger than my head, abs on display, no shame.   crops, Nike. cropped sweatshirt, lululemon. bra (underneath), lululemon.

super hot Thursday calls for a jumper, ya hear?  red velour romper, American Apparel. flats, Tory Burch. 

um, i'm obsessed with my dog & my Labor day was spent being reunited with him and holding him and just in general, being a lunatic dog owner who loves her dog more than anything in the whole world.  

 i think my lab group is still not exactly sure what to make of the way i dress - they kind of stare at most of my outfits like...what is this chick's deal?  but again, that's okay.  i like my lab group - they're all very interesting and come from very different and unique walks of life.  i've learned a TON about different cultures just in the two weeks since i've met them.  it's pretty cool.

and what the Beats have been throwing on repeat.... i am literally obsessed with Sleigh Bells right now. every song is like...get up and GET IT DONE.

all right - hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend - Bon Voyage Summer 2012!!  you brought so much change - so many new beginnings....LOTS of excitement ahead.

p.s. NYFW starts this week!  cray.  super excited to see what Marc, Oscar, Alexander, and Altuzarra gives us...