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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file: weeks 3 & 4, the blur.

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

blur (n.): to make or become vague or indistinct.  to obscure.

that's really the only way to properly describe the past 2 weeks that have flown by so fast. somehow Labor Day snuck in there (RIP Summer 2012), and now it's the middle of September and i'm waking up to cold, nippy mornings and enjoying warm, balmy days.  i wore my favorite leather jacket for the first time this season..and it was actually warranted (aka i wasn't sweating my ass of in the pursuit of fashion).

i discovered a kind of great little farmer's market here in Lafayette, IN, and have scored some pretty great flowers, local honey, veggies, and fresh preserves there, and it's now part of my weekend routine. i've met some pretty great people over the past two weeks, and i'm learning more about the world and different cultures than i think i ever did in New York.  it's weird to think that even in the melting pot of Manhattan, i still lived in my own bubble.  i'm out of my bubble now.  i'm learning how to cook with Indian spices, and drinking straight whiskey on a Wednesday night while out for a bite with friends.  i'm having all the fun (and then some) that i didn't get the chance to have in undergrad.  i love grad school.

dress up for class. it's important. (and mix suiting pieces with 'night' pieces for a fresh look.) bustier, White House/Black Market. skirt, Express.

kind of old lady-ish, but offset by the fact that everything is totally sheer. skirt, American Apparel. top, H&M. shoes, Target.

meow.  snowcat bennett crop, J.Crew. tank, The Row.  lipstick, Cerise by Chantecaille.

farmer's market. wax coated burgundy pants, Rock 'n Republic. denim top, J.Crew.

clutch life.  this is becoming a stand-by great outfit.  out for a small dinner and drinks with friends. and a great motivator to make sure i get my ab workout in every day!  skirt, J.Crew Collection. top, ASOS petite.  flats, J.Crew. clutch, Banana Republic. hair....tons of sea salt!

going to class, showing some leg.  dress, T by Alexander Wang. flats, J.Crew.

fall = THE best f'ing leather jacket in the history of the world and it is without a doubt, the best thing i've ever bought.  wax coated burgendy pants, Rock 'n Republic. striped gauze sweater, T by Alexander Wang. flats, J.Crew. leather jacket, Banana Republic.

whew. that's a lot of clothes - but it's been two weeks!

and the Beats have been on fire lately.

enjoy xx