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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

NYFW SS14 - Delpozo? What?

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's kind of a bizarre thing to be watching Fashion Week from afar after spending several seasons in the trenches.  it's a mixture of feelings...envy (i will love clothes for the rest of my life and fashion week was my church...the theatrics of the shows, the drama, the hair, the girls, i loved it), and then i also feel like....omg i'm so glad i'm NOT THERE.  all the fakeness, everyone air kissing you like they care, everyone COMPLAINING (the only thing fashion people love more than fashion is COMPLAINING.. bitching about anything and everything possible related to NYFW).  but then i woke up super early this morning to put my kimono on (no joke, i had to wear it to give an award), and i was browsing instagram and i kept seeing all these pictures of these really weird, crazy, ethereal dresses from the #delpozo show.  sweet lord, forgive my use of hashtags here, for i hate hashtags so much....but that's literally what i was seeing.  hashtag...delpozo.  and really amazing dresses.  like, stop-me-in-my-tracks-amazing-dresses.

and i was like...what the f**k is Delpozo?

so aight - we got to the venue of said award giving and i had some time so i flipped the macbook open and went right to and bam....Delpozo.  i started flipping through the show and my eyes were getting bigger and is it even possible that a designer this awesome exists and i don't know it?!  Jao was looking at me like....why are you looking at those insane dresses? please stop torturing me that you're going to show up to some event dressed like a fashion unicorn.... but boo, please.  you have a lifetime of fashion-unicorn-wife-on-your-arm at parties so just don't even worry about it.  so anyways, Delpozo.  a Spanish designer from Madrid.  not really "new" to the scene, but definitely the first time it's been on my radar/twitter/instagram feed in any kind of volume.  i want more, i want more. he makes the CRAZIEST dresses...weird shapes, princess volume, beautiful colors, eye-catching patterns and embellishment...excuse me while i die and go to heaven here.....

i mean without even mentioning how SICK the shoes are.... the dresses? right?  they're so princessy and so young and fresh, and you'd walk into a room wearing these and you'd just be like....yes.  everyone would notice, everyone would be like .....THAT DRESS. WHO IS THAT GIRL?  and that's what a dress should do!  a young actress whom i don't know ( i guess she's on mad men? i'm seriously getting old...i don't know who anyone is anymore ) wore a Delpozo dress to the Emmy's and she just looked so pretty...very age appropriate.  (i loved the dress but actually, on her...if i were her stylist i would have chosen something else...i'm not positive it's the MOST flattering but she looked pretty nonetheless!)

Delpozo was on sale on Moda Operandi and yes, it's a bit pricey but all i could think of wouldn't this be a fun rehearsal dinner dress for the wedding?  i could wear this one for the reception!  and then i finally turned to jao and asked "for official government functions that we have to dress up, is it inappropriate to wear non-american designers? i mean....because this designer is Spanish. Is that an issue...or....?"

he just smiled and shook his head while i continued to look at fashion unicorn status dresses...but no seriously. wouldn't it look so AMAZING at like an international diplomatic black tie gala and we walk in and everyone is in boring outfits and i'm in a Delpozo?  it's what my dreams are made of!

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