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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

in defense of Cher Horowitz - thigh highs, sluts, and why they don't have to belong together

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

for some reason, the concept of thigh high stockings has a stigma that it's pretty much only acceptable for Halloween.  Halloween is the one day each year that girls feel they can let their true color show and dress like sluts...and apparently, this includes thigh high stockings.

however, in defense of Cher Horowitz and chic chicks the world around...i'd like to make the case for non-slutty thigh high stockings.

now, i'm not trying to be a traitor to my generation and all...but honestly. the slutty halloween costumes are a travesty.  i don't understand the slutty Halloween costume, and I don't understand how thigh high stockings got roped into this disgusting tragedy of 23 year old girls who feel it's the their chance to be the sluts they truly are....

like WHAT IS THIS?  Cher does NOT approve.

thigh highs do NOT equate slut...but every single one of these girls looks like a complete skank, and the thigh high stockings make them look even SKANKIER (who knew that'd be possible?).  so what gave thigh highs a bad name?  is it their appearance in lingerie ads? that doesn't even make sense's a lingerie ad, and not girls running around dressed like a slutty Cinderella...but nonetheless....the appearance of thigh highs are usually limited to Halloween, and it's just a slutfest.

but it doesn't have to be!  thigh highs can be fashionable, chic, and super cute!  i've been wearing thigh high stockings since undergrad and it's's not a slut-thing for's chic and thigh slimming.  people always used to tell me they thought it was amazing that i wore thigh highs on just regular days and not just for a costume, and i'd always respond "no guys, i don't need a holiday to dress like a skank, i'll dress like a skank any day!"  but the reality's not a skanky look if you DO IT RIGHT!

top, Uniqlo.  skirt, Pull & Bear.  thigh highs, DKNY.

serena doesn't look slutty, and no one would ever accuse TTH of looking like a skank.  it's about doing it with clean lines, appropriately fitted clothing, and minimal's a day-to-day wearable look that Cher mainstreamed chic...and the Halloween trend NEEDS TO DIE.  as my friend Jarred says...slutty Halloween costumes are just NTL (not the look).