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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

the hunt for the perfect shoe (+ the latest)

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

excuse me.  it's october 28th? we're looking for halloween costumes and i'm like... what? it was JUST matsuri season and i was JUST wearing booty shorts and tank tops.  somehow between 3 weeks in Bangkok and a few days in Singapore, it's fall suddenly?  but alas... Tokyo is finally cool and my motorcycle boots are BACK IN ROTATION and so are jackets, jeans, and the wunder under pants are back out.

i have a lot of pictures that constantly flow through my head of looks that i'd like to achieve.  that's how i shop.  i have a look i decide i want to achieve...i either see a picture in a magazine or online or read about something and it inspires a look in my head..whatever.  but i go to stores in search of specific things in order to complete this look.

i've long been lusting after the perfect pair of oxfords.  men's oxfords, not too delicate, not too chunky, a rich, deep cherry or mahogany leather...the kind of oxford that, paired with skinny ankle length jeans, create the perfect pageboy image, a la Alexa Chung.

now i will never be cool enough to wear socks like that with my oxfords, but you get the point.  it's all about the ankle length pants, a somewhat slouchy top, maybe a blazer or hacking jacket...and the oxfords.  i've been on the hunt for these for several years no success.  i always find "chick" versions of oxfords...not a substantial enough heel/sole, too deliberately distressed, not the right color's always something.  and then....Bangkok.

so there's a newish mall in Bangkok called Terminal 21, where tucked away in the winding halls of a few corners of the mall...a slew of local designers have little shops where you can buy their things.  everything is well made, stylish, and you can find some SERIOUSLY cool shit in there.  our first foray into the Thai area...Jao found a beautiful leather messenger bag (he's been looking for one he also had quite the find on this trip!) and then a few days later, we walked past a leather shoe store.  like serious leather men's dress shoes and oxfords, etc.  Jao ventured in and ended up buying a pair of red suede loafers (seriously) and as i was sitting there waiting for him to finish up...a pair of mahogony red/brown men's oxfords caught my eye... i walked over, started touching them, started picking them up and doing the 360 inspection and suddenly turned to the sales associate and asked....."mii size saam-sip-jet mai ka?" (asking for my size in thai, yeah!)  it was an off-chance that they'd have them in a size that small...but the shoe gods were WITH ME.  and they did.  and i put them on, and it was MAGIC.

perfect leather, perfect thickness and substantial-ness of sole....perfect color...just amazing.  i bought them and we walked out of the store and i was like...o.m.g. my search for the perfect oxford is FINALLY OVER.  they're mine.  i love them, and thankfully it's fall now in Tokyo so i can wear them!  kvelling times a bajillion.

a few quick pictures from our mini-trip up to Ayutthaya & Tha Tako in Thailand ...

and now we are back in Tokyo and we just had our good friends Alex + Jen visit us for a week!  we snuck away into the mountains for a few days, did some serious onsen-ing, ate a lot of good food, and drank lots of good whiskey.  they even brought us a bottle of Woodford....the BEST.

...but i'll save those stories for next time.  this week, for some reason, i'm feeling my leather miniskirt and thigh highs and....oh sick Alice in Wonderland costume for Thursday...
later on, you guys.