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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style icon : Claire Underwood, baddest bitch in DC

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

while i'm fully aware that we are late to the "House of Cards" party, my obsession is currently in full swing.  jao and i have watched the entire first season in about a week (which, in netflix time, is epic i know...but we actually have work to do occasionally), and excuse me....HOW BAD ASS IS CLAIRE UNDERWOOD?

Claire Underwood, wife of congressman & majority whip (and future VP?) Francis Underwood...and let's not play coy here...Claire is baddest bitch in Washington DC and everyone knows it.  she's 1/2 of a high powered couple, and the head of the Clean Water Act Corp...and she's smokin' hot while doing it!  

like, i'm sorry. when i grow up, i want to be Claire.  she is the ice queen of minimalism and excuse me, she's too busy kicking everyone's ass to even think about a pop of color.  i mean, even if she wasn' if. Claire is the chick in the boys club and she dresses her part as Frank's better half.  her fierce pixie cut, smart glasses, minimal make-up, and her ROCKING bod... Claire Underwood is untouchable.

her wardrobe is completely lacking of any and all feminine touches, yet she still somehow is 100% sexy 100% of the time.  she's all about the perfect oxford shirt, the basic (and best) black Louboutin pump, fitted shift dresses, the whip straight pencil skirt, and SICK strapless cocktail dresses.


so let me take you through it, starting bottom left.  I imagine Claire in The Row and Calvin Klein.. minimalist, great fabrics, perfectly know, amazing.

1. black satin sweetheart ball gown, Oscar de la Renta : she has the best arms and always shows them off.
2. black pencil skirt with slit, Zara : legs for miles, no room for error in this bitch...Claire has no room for error either.
3. clean jacquard pom dress, The Row : Claire is often on the arm of Francis at black tie events, and a girl can't wear black to every party.  cream is just as fierce as black, especially on a body like hers.
4. grey tweed shift dress with leather trim, Calvin Klein : accentuates her long body, high neckline flatters her pixie cut, leather details let everyone know who's in charge.
5. Stenner pants, The Row : to pair with her perfect oxford shirts, natch.  well tailored, no fuss, just like Claire. 
6. semi Sumo, Bumble and Bumble : how else does she keep that FIERCE pixie cut so perfectly tousled? 
7 and 8. black pumps, Christian Louboutin : power shoes for a powerful woman.
9. hydrating sheer lipstick, Chanel : Claire doesn't have time to deal with reapplying a red lip all day, and she's such a natural fox, she just needs a quick swipe of something simple and understated.
10. thick framed glasses, Tom Ford : looking smart, girl.
11, 12, 13, 14. running shoes, leggings, tank top - Nike & jogging jacket - Adidas by Stella McCartney : Claire pounds pavement every morning to keep that high and tight bod.
15, 16. white iPhone & blood red Celine luggage bag : Claire does NOT have a cover case on her iPhone. as if. and white just fits her ice queen motif.  the Celine bag is a small pop of color that she would consider, only because it's a great bag for a working woman.  sturdy, enough space, gets the job done.
17, 18. Oxford shirts, Joseph Joy & The Row : clean, classic, Claire.
19.  knitted shift dress, Givenchy : i feel like this is a casual day for Claire.  a knit, body con dress that she doesn't have to think about too accentuates her waist, slims her...add those Tom Ford glasses...done.
20. fitted Geneviere dress, The Row : i think this color would look amazing on her, and the tight, minimalistic cut is PERFECT.  she'd own it.
21. cocktail dress, Dior : i actually think like everything that Raf Simmons does for Dior Couture would kill on Claire.  too bad she can't wear it (wife of the go on euro designers)
22. fitted knit dress, T by Alexander Wang : i mean listen. Claire is a bad bitch with a bad girl streak in her and Alexander Wang is a perfect match.
23.  double breasted wool trench, Burberry : DUH.

there's one episode where Claire is like.... "i didn't want to be seen. i wanted to be significant."