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i don't want to be shredded, ripped, or buff - and why that's OK too...

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

the past few days, weeks,'s been going on for awhile, there's been this crazy debate going on about skinny chicks vs. "fit" chicks.  there's been this media bonanza lately of the "fit girls" and "fit trainers" saying shit about the girls and trainers who aim to look thin and then the "skinny girls" and "skinny trainers" that are taking shit about how the fit people are doing it all wrong.

you all know i'm talking about the Tracy Anderson vs. Spinning/Soulcycle/runners, etc.

now first of all let me just say that this "argument" is the biggest White Person Problem EVER...but anyways.

Tracy says spinning or running bulks your legs, bulks your muscles, and doesn't promote your body being teeny tiny and feminine and cute (her whole thing is...her method makes you teeny tiny and sexy small).  The spinning enthusiasts, runners, and weight-lifters say she's a "crazy blonde freak" and that her whole method is all wrong and that it just promotes body dysmorphia and eating disorders.  and that her diets and cleanses, etc are far too un-caloric.  and the general comments from everyone on the other side of this argument is "who wants to look like Gwyneth anyways? I don't want to be skinny, i want to be fit! i want to be shredded!"

wait...sorry, we should all bow down to Gwyneth.  she's a fierce bitch, we all know it, and everyone is just haters.  WWGPD, live and die by it.

i digress.  OK so this has been going on and it's more and more the fit girls/fit people really beating down on the Tracy chicks.  and i know Tracy definitely does NOT care, she's laughing all the way to the bank with her $900/month studio memberships that are PACKED with a wait list for....and her DVD set, etc. someone on THIS end, the skinny-bod desiring, Tracy-loving chick end...

like c'mon you guys what the hell is wrong with wanting to have a skinny little bod?

i mean - my point is, isn't there enough gym/studio space for everyone to get theirs?

i don't rage on people who prefer to strive for the more "fit" bod.  because everyone's got their own thing, right?  some people want really ripped or shredded arms/back/abs.  some people want muscular thighs.  some people really do get bulky thighs from spinning (i sure as hell do, i put muscle on like an olympic's not me).  so why do people need to rage against what we're doing?

there are a lot of arguments that she's not qualified, not a certified instructor.  however, i'd like to say that i've met many trainers and gym instructors who i'm's terrifying that you're telling me how to get my muscles in working order because you can't even tie your shoes properly.  and that her cleanses or whatever aren't rooted in reality because they generally hover around 800 calories a day (but um, do your research because BluePrint Cleanse is also 800-1000 cals/day so....that's all i have to say about that).

and i mean, are any cleanses rooted in reality?

i'm not a fanatical Tracy follower.  I still go for a run once a week because i enjoy it, and i eat whatever the hell i want, truly...the only cleanse i'm on is the "please put my thai red chili in my curry" sweat-it-out cleanse...but i do my new Tracy workouts every 10 days like a good girl, i do the bonus arms routines, and damn guys.  it works for me!

my legs aren't bulky anymore but they're tight and sexy, my arms are tight and cute, my stomach is tight, and my ass is ACTUALLY 1.75 inches higher/perkier than it was when i started last year on the full Metamorphasis program.  like this Tracy-sculpted ass....and i think that my better half could confirm this....this is the best i've ever looked without my clothes on.  so for me this is what WORKS.

i guess my point is - being skinny-fit is WHAT I WANT (and what lots of girls want) and there's nothing wrong with it!  just like if you want muscular legs or arms or whatever's totally fine if that's what you want too!  i don't give a shit, and no one should give a shit about my workout method either!  and i keep hearing guys like "i don't want a twig! i want a fit girl! Skinny girls are gross."  well you know what buddy, lucky for you there are plenty of girls that are super fit so you don't even need to worry about it, none of us Tracy chicks need to hear your opinion on our bodies!  (on the flip side, there plenty of dudes, like my husband, who like a long, lean skinny physique....but still nice 'n tight ;-)

so the next time you see this debate, just peace out from it.  everyone can do what they want, take care of their body how they just do your thing, and i'll keep doing mine!