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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

summer-time beauty : fast times at bb.U

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

summer hit Tokyo like a slap in the face.  we left for our delayed honeymoon on May 19th and the weather was warm with a cool breeze and when we returned home a week later, it was hot, sweaty, sticky, humid and just overall ga-ross.

summer for most of us comes with a plethora of beauty-related woes.  crazy frizzy humidity-stricken hair is a big one.  sweaty shiny faces with breakouts is another.  dehydration hits us all, no matter who you are.  and finally, of course, putting these all together...the biggest conundrum of them to actually look cute in the summer without looking like a HOT MESS.

i was only awarded the luxury of being able to wash my hair, walk out of the house with it wet, and it dries AMAZINGLY.... after an exhaustive search for the best hairstylists in the world (some italian stallions in new york) and their effort to help me find a great stylist here in tokyo (Hayato-san!).  anyways, but when it's like 86 degrees outside, like it is today, i don't want my hair matted to my neck in sweat.  i want it up.

my favorite solution to lioness hair in the summertime is a chic, simple updo.  and i am not talking about a ratty ponytail either....i mean a little updo that you actually DO.  my favorite source for online hair tutorials is Bumble and Bumble - it's like a little school for easy, chic updos that you can do with nothing more than a few hairpins, hairspray, and a backcomb.

on their website, , under "inspiration" you'll find an archive of videos for "second day hair" that is a goldmine for really easy updos.  each video is like 2 minutes long, and with some practice, you can easily nail all of these for super super chic summer hair.  my personal fav is the "braided updo" which is my go-to when the temps pass works for......
your wedding....

a 2-bottles-of-wine lunch in the south of France....

or a day at the beach!!!  (forgive the weird quality of this, it's a screen capture from a video!)

point is, it's super easy to do (5 minutes or less!), it keeps my hair off my neck/face, keeps me cool...AND it looks like, wow she really put effort into her hair!  not just some busted ponytail, you know?  

and with these bb.U videos, it's really easy to learn how to do a variety of amazing summer updos!  the braids are kind of my signature look, i don't deviate too far from it, but i have been known to throw a fancy bun in there for drinks here or there!

oh, and i mean, to beat the heat, just add iced coffee.  duh.