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the art of getting dressed.

summer-time beauty : make-up meltdown

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

all right, so your hair is in its right state....right?  no busted ponytail as the temps heat up.... but that doesn't really solve the sweaty, shiny, make-up melted face problem that comes with the rising mercury, does it?  we can't all be Britney in Slave 4 U...dripping sweat yet still maintain perfect make-up.

that isn't real life.  but there are always a few tricks that can help the make-up you put in the morning stay put even though the most vicious heat.

first things first : eliminate the need to actually wear a lot of makeup.  

  • find a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer that fits your skins needs for the summer heat.  note: this will probably be different than your winter skin routine!  
  • all 3 steps are important but let's be brutally honest here; if you're not exfoliating, you've got problems.  summer heat, sweating, and all that sunscreen causes dirt, grime, and oil to build up on your skin, which causes a build-up of dead skin (your skin can't slough itself off naturally when it's all clogged up) you need to scrub that shit off.  
  • your skin holds more moisture in the summertime, so you can easily handle some extra exfoliation without irritating your skin, so aim for 2-3 times a week.  
  • beyond that, find a gel moisturizer which can help regulate oiliness, and also it just feels relaxing, cooling, and amazing.
  • a few of my favorites are, admittedly, Japanese exclusives. the Japanese are screwed up in a lot of ways but they do have the skincare thing down pat.  Charcoal soap, Natural Aqua Cure Gel, and Biore Moisture Seal Lotion.  simple. cheap, effective.  
  • if you can't find the Japanese version of charcoal soap (or find the shipping a bit expensive), Lush Cosmetics has an awesome CoalFace soap that works too.  
  • the Natural Aqua Cure Gel is the best exfoliator ever, but it'll cost you about $30 +shipping, no matter what.....but it's worth it!
  • the Biore Lotion is great because its gel based.  the gel is lighter for summer, and feels GREAT on your skin!

next: wear sunscreen, use baby powder to set your face.

  • sunscreen; no brainer.  nothing is more unsightly than a. wrinkles b. sunburns or c. skin cancer down the road.  sunscreen should be on your face every single day, no excuses.  Clinique City Block Sheer is the best, it's oil free and doesn't freak sensitive skin out.  
  • after i put my sunscreen on, i let it dry, and then i put about a dime-size of baby powder in the palms of my hands, rub them together, and pat my face.  this actually helps soak oil up for hours.
  • this simple little trick allows me to skip any kind of foundation or mineral powder!

finally: concealer to touch spots up, waterproof mascara, and bright lipstick.

  • invest money in a good concealer, no matter the time of year.  Clea de Peau is the BEST, it lasts forever, and would cover up a bullet wound.  
  • apply it with precision by using a concealer brush (i like the $3 from Target, no need to get fancy!), and very gently cover any blemishes, spots, or under eye circles with ease.  
  • next, waterproof mascara.  summertime sadly requires it, otherwise you'll be sweating your ass off and then mascara will be running down your face and INTO YOUR EYES, which is the absolute worst.  just go waterproof and save yourself the drama.  any $8 tube from the drugstore will do, but my favorites are Maybelline Volume Express The Rocket (truthfully, i'm a sucker for the ones with the most ridiculous names) and the Colossal.  i always use jet black, because then i don't have to wear eyeliner.  less fuss :-)   
  • and then finallyyyyyy top your look off with some juicy, super rich, colorful lipstick.  lipstick is key for the summer look... it just pulls your face together and allows you to get away with wearing almost no eye makeup.  great lipstick just always looks pulled together, it's a universal truth.  i love Tom Ford lipsticks (wild ginger, flamingo pink, cherry lush), Clea de Peau enriched lip luminizers (#211 and #207), and Sephora Make-UP Forever lipsticks are really high in pigments so they last forever (satin bright pink, satin coral).  (lipsticks can be really drying so make sure to keep a little tube of chapstick in your bag too!  lifesaver!)

summer skin care

so that's it.  seriously. wash, exfoliate, moisturize, sunscreen, baby powder, concealer, mascara, lipstick.  minimal makeup, nothing will sweat off, and you won't feel like you have sweaty makeup caked on your face.  you'll feel fresh and happy and look beautiful.  and if you need to pull some oil off that pretty skin, just run to the nearest bathroom and use the disposal paper toilet seat covers... they're AMAZING oil blotters, FYI.

Happy Summer!  xx