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smart + stylish: Amal

style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

smart + stylish: Amal

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

remember more than

two years ago when i was ranting that we, as a society, must do a better job at inspiring the youth

?  that we needed more positive female role models, more women that weren't famous for being famous, more women that are killing it sartorially AND mentally?


Amal Clooney (nee Alamuddin) breezed into the media's watchful eye this past year, and FINALLY we have a woman to look up to.  she's stylish, she's smart, she's got her own thing going.... she's been a fixture on the world stage for much longer than she's been Mrs. George Clooney.  and what a breath of fresh air for women around the world who love fashion AND have a brain!

Mrs. Clooney is a human rights lawyer who has represented Kofi Annan, the state of Cambodia, the King of Bahrain, worked the criminal probe into Enron, represented Julian Assange, works with the UN to represent women in conflict ridden zones to be protected from sexual assault, and i mean...DAMN GIRL.  she has a law degree from NYU, is licensed to practice law in New York and London, she interned for Sandra Sotomayor (as of the Supreme Court Justices), and she speaks english, french, AND arabic (like

she wrote this article for HuffPo

and then at the bottom there's a link that here FOR THE ARABIC VERSION of this article.  no big deal.).  WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

oh..wait.  she's SLAYING with her street style.  literally in every sense of the word.  she looks amazing running errands, she looks amazing at the airport, she looks amazing at work...she looks amazing at her wedding...she doesn't discriminate.  and she's not a boring lawyer chick trying to be in the boys club and dressing lame.  she's all woman, all the time.  crop top for coffee? you bet.  floral romper for errands? obvi.  above the knee skirt for work?  why not.  she's got her own style, and no one can stop her.

this entire look is everything you could ever want for a coffee run. 

sleek, chic, super stylish.

the jumpsuit AND the oxfords.  she's amazing.

statement necklace to offset the neutrals.  so pro.

GEORGE WHO?  you can only look at her.

i love this dress. i'd wear this in a second.

those oxfords again.  airport style like NO BIG DEAL.  please make room for my hat box.

more airport style.  slouchy jeans, sweater...done.

parts of this look confuse me but she makes it work.  professional but yet at the same time... style to the high heavens.

pink jacket. yes.

move it, bitches.  i've got a wedding to attend.  my own.

Amal is a real icon for real women to look up to.  she's beautiful and stylish...AND SHE'S CRAZY SMART AND ACCOMPLISHED.  everyone was kind of making fun of her at the Golden Globes this past weekend because she looked kind of bored.  and it's like you guys.  everyone is bored when they go to their partner's work party.  she's sitting there thinking...i have nothing in common with anyone here, i know nothing about acting, i don't know anyone, and everyone is asking me about my dress, and i'm not used to it!  if i had to guess i'd say she was less bored and more uncomfortable/feeling awkward!

she also got some slack for taking her husband's name.  Amal Clooney instead of Amal Alamuddin.  people were saying that it was some kind of anti-feminist movement or something.  whatever.  i still think it's modern to take your husband's name in marriage.  i took my husband's name, and there's nothing wrong with it.  it doesn't make me, or Amal, any less of a woman, and it doesn't make her any less of a role model.

finally - a great role model for women to look up to.  rock on, Amal.