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this is NOT the f'ing boys club

style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

this is NOT the f'ing boys club

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

i love being a woman.  i love everything about it - i love dresses, heels, big bouncy hair, pouty lips, full breasts, perky asses...i love hair flips, make-up, manicures, pedicures, handbags....everything and anything about being a woman - i think it's the best.

i am first and foremost a woman.  but hey...i'm an engineer too!  

the latter half of the description of myself ....not such an easy place to be a woman.  engineering (and many other industries such as tech and corporate business, from what i understand) is really not a welcoming place for a woman to be a woman.  engineering is the BOYS CLUB.  no girls allowed.  oh but wait...girls allowed if you act/think/dress like a boy.  otherwise, have fun fighting tooth and nail to get anyway, career-wise, and enjoy constantly having to validate yourself to your peers.  

i wish i was kidding but i'm not.  in the work place, if you make a mistake, you don't become incompetent.  if you're a female engineer and you make a mistake...WOMEN become incompetent.  it sucks.  there are very few ways around this.  and want to know what makes it worse?  being a full-fledged red lipstick-wearing woman in a dress and commanding the room in heels.  in my personal experiences, they don't even give you the chance to make the mistake.  they just immediately dismiss you as not worth their time.

i went though a phase during my undergraduate education where for about 8 minutes, i was like...maybe i should dress more boring and look like i belong more to the boys club.  thankfully, that was a passing whim!

the point is, you guys.... we need to END THE BOYS CLUB.  the boys club thinks they have power because we let them have power.  we compromise who we are and how we dress to fit in more in our male dominated fields, and we don't need to do that.  just be so fierce and so amazing that they cannot deny you.  and DO IT IN HEELS.  look to my two ultimate icons....Claire Underwood and Amal Clooney...for inspiration!

like the bosses they are....

however - we must, as women, walk a fine line.  none of us want to look slutty, right?  we must balance sexy, powerful, and commanding and do so without drawing undo attention to some of our more supple assets.  it's possible though.

when building your kicking-ass-and-taking-names wardrobe, a few certain pieces are important.  the

pencil skirt

, the

suit dress

, a 

smart blouse





, and some

sharp pants.


and then wrap it up with a few details.... like

red lipstick

, eye-catching


, bold


, a sharp


and a boss



see what i mean?  everything there is professional but feminine, all woman.  no boys club here.  and i mean, i love black but you can mix it up all you want - get that

Black Halo dress

in bright red.  work  

leather trousers

 or even go for a pencil skirt in 

bright blue

  - the point is... you can wear gorgeous, sexy, feminine clothes and STILL be the boss.  

as women, we've been working on breaking the glass ceiling for years now, but i think it's time to do it with some style, don't you think?