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nyfw + island getaways (it's about that life)

style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

nyfw + island getaways (it's about that life)

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's been about a month - sorry - and there's a lot going on.  new york fashion week is in full swing and hey, surprisingly.... designers are putting out really beautiful clothes that i want to wear right now.  it was valentine's day, we went on vacation, i got a sick tattoo, and omg we saw Fifty Shades of Grey last night and it was AWFUL!  is this what the literary world has come to?  THAT story is a best-seller?!

so fashion week, right?  i love the shows but don't miss the circus.  apparently it is epically cold in New York right now..which, as far as i can remember...every NYFW for Fall is crazy cold.  yet the sartorial slaves are always out in bare legs and open-toed heels.  oh fashion people, will you ever learn?  i hope not.

i really love

Prabal Gurung

this season.  the past few seasons he's missed the mark for me personally, but this one was perfect.  silky, slinky dresses with big, fur-lined parkas thrown over them...the dichotomy is just what you want when going out and dressing inappropriately for the weather (no sarcasm).  sparkly evening wear and sheer-paneled cocktail attire with deep-v necklines (or the basic, super simple spaghetti straps) rounds it out.  it's sexy, it's how women want to dress, it's easy and non-fussy.

my other fav so far is

Jason Wu

.  i LOVE this collection.  the t-shirt shape dresses in luxe's so ON, you know? i feel like women kind of have two fashion lives: the moments where you want to be in the biggest ball gown skirt you can possible find with sequins or feathers or whatever it is... and those moments are rare and because of that they're spectacular. and then you have the fashion life...where you want simple, easy pieces to wear that are still interesting.  a sheath dress with back details.  a blazer with FUR underneath it.  perfectly tailored wool trousers.  a winter white t-shirt gown (my favorite) with sharp as a knife heels.  all of his pieces are things you can wear.  not an ostrich feather in sight.  he's got every woman's second fashion life down to a science.

 (all photos are


so all right that's fashion week right now - in abbreviated, super chic form.  our time in thailand is winding down - we're only here for another 2.5 months. i know it's just kind of like "see you next time" instead of "farewell" - but nonethless, i love living here.  last week, we went to a very gorgeous island on the southeastern side of the Gulf of Thailand with our friends Fon and Jane for a little pre-Valentine's Day getaway.  it was so beautiful... the resort was the only thing on the island.  no roads,  no cars.  the water was clear and warm, the sunsets were perfect, and the beaches were dotted with little salas for comfortable, peaceful resting and book reading.

i don't even like beach vacations but this quiet slice of heaven was everything you could ever want. i mean's about that life.

(this is a "sala"

hi i love you.

adventure underwater!

OK i'll discuss my latest tattoo (and the history of tattoos in asian cultures) next time!  and maybe more fashion week (like Peter C for Oscar and hopefully the amazingness that is Marc...)