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the art of getting dressed.

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Kate Middleton vs. Michelle Obama (!!!!!) - Round 1

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

omg when fierce, fabulous, fashionable women collide...

MObama is all like "Girl, your hair is fabulous" and Kate's all like "Girl, it's all in the hair flip..."

the fashion universe experienced a supernova today when Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama met in person!  the most watched, most fabulous Royal meeting the fierce First Lady and her bright colors and sassy dresses and ripped arms (does MObama do Soulcycle?!).  Kate is looking next level in a slim fitting, beige dress by Reiss, and MObama is bringing spring in a beautiful ice blue a-line dress by Barbara Tfank.  both ladies look amazing but i think Kate takes round 1!  (and please, what diet is she on and how do i sign up? she looks amazinggg.  blue print cleanse? raw? macro? tell us Duchess, tell us!)

what do you think they talked about?  how to secure to the most exclusive dresses? how to be married to a man with big ears?  how Michelle could snap Kate like a twig?  i particularly like how Barack and Wills are kind of off to the side, trying to slide into a few pictures...but we obviously only care about the fabulous Duchess and First Lady..and they know it.  the gals are laughing, doing hair flips, posing...all the kinds of things we want them to do together!

photos - WPA Pool / Getty Images