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the fall 2012 freak-out: volume 1, coats

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

yeah it's august 9th.  i'm coat shopping.  aren't you?

i have the unique pleasure of owning a lot of coats.  i love coats of all kinds....i do not discriminate against any coats.  love them all.  however, no matter how overstuffed my coat closet is...every year when fall rolls around, i'm like...omg i need a new winter coat!

i do not need a new one, usually.  HOWEVER...this year, i am in a unique situation!  i have moved from New York City to the middle of Indiana in pursuit of the highest education.  i've been here before, sure, but my coat wardrobe has drastically changed over the last three years as a New Yorker, as New York winters are sad, whimpy, and pathetic compared to midwest winters.  during this time, while i may have remained hardcore to an extent (never even busted my hardcore North Faces out in the last 3 years. as if 29 degrees is even cold?!  it's not), i have let my coat collection grow soft.  i no longer own any jackets that are appropriate (and fit me!) for Januarys in Indiana where temperatures have been known to reach well, well below zero.  therefore, it's COAT SHOPPING TIME!

my #1 obsession that i've been lusting over since Fashion Week....The Rollins Parka from Elizabeth and James.
i know nothing about the details of this (price, etc), but who. cares.  i'm obsessed with slouchy, oversized, fur hooded, military style parkas that you can throw on over everything.  i love the length & fit of this one.  i love the color, i love the fur-trimmed hood.  I JUST LOVE IT.  i need this to warm my cold, black heart.

 this is Rachel Zoe's Farrah double breasted raglan coat in the perfect poppy red....
great style, amazing color, might not be the warmest...but i'd deal.  again, i love the military undertones.  it's very 60's, and the collar is great.  available here.

a hot-pink, large fold lapel overcoat by J.Crew
this bad boy isn't available for purchase yet (pre-order only through their website, which is cool that they've started doing that), but what a great statement coat, right?  you can pre-order at

another parka option!  The North Face Baker Delux jacket...
again..park, fur, military-ish.  fierce.  it's a ski jacket with all kinds of fancy zippers and storage, etc. but you bet your ass it'd be super warm for those blustery days that are surely headed my way.  $299 at The North Face

another J.Crew beauty...
probably not the most practical....and potentially not that warm, but it's FEROSH, ya hear?  i love fur coats and this is like....a SERIOUS fur coat.  but more of a "look how awesome this is" coat.  not a "keep me warm" coat.  but hey...a girl can dream.  available for pre-order at

here's to you, Fall/Winter 2012.  you're on my radar.