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all for one, one for all - a jumpsuit love affair

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

anyone who knows me knows there are two unequivocal truths about me:
1. i am terrified of tsunamis.
2. i love love love one-piece outfits.  rompers, jumpsuits, bodysuits, etc.  if it's one piece, i fall to pieces for it.

i am also obsessed with workout clothes - if lululemon had a frequent shopper card, i'd be gold status.  last week, they dropped the "One for Om Bodysuit" - which is a cat woman-like one piece yoga leotard.  when it first came out, i was if.  then i actually went to the store and i was inspired to try it on.  and i fell in love.  obviously.

so at first i was will i wear this? it's insane.  a yoga leotard? i can't think of one situation where i'd be like "yeah, my skin-tight, open back, one piece leotard/catsuit is the perfect outfit for this!" but whatever, i bought it anyways.  Purdue, get ready to experience a chick in a catsuit.

so there it is - in the dressing room. i am NOT joking when it say it's skin tight, as you can see.  so this morning, i actually did yoga and wore it, and it's awesome.  and then i experimented with how to wear it off the mat.  and i came up with this.

tank & bodysuit, lululemon

so i threw the "wandering yogi tank" on over it, which is a burnout material, super loose 'n breezy tank, and much to my satisfaction, i look somewhat normal!  i mean it is still definitely a cat suit...but with at tank top over it.  so moral of this insane story - it's okay to buy cat suits, just be prepared with a somewhat normal accessory, like a tank top.

in the same vein, i also busted out my fav roller-girl-esque red-velvet-with-pink-piping romper.  this is straight out of the 70's/Studio 54 with a level of skank that only American Apparel could manufacture.  nonetheless, i f'ing love this romper!
i even wear it with heels. eat your heart out, Babe Ruthless. romper, American Apparel

and my piece de la resistance - my Bianca Jagger full length jumpsuit.  this baby comes out as evening wear or maybe even for class in the upcoming semester.

jumpsuit, Eight-Sixty

so engineering grad school - prepare yourself.  i'm taking this love affair on the road with me and me & my rompers/jumpsuits/catsuits will be in full force down in West Lafayette!