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style file: week 0, orientation

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

i write to you from my new humble abode down in West Lafayette, IN!  this is week 0 of graduate school...orientation week.  it's weird, strange, awkward, uncomfortable, and you's orientation.

it all started yesterday, 10:30 am.  i spent most of early Sunday evening totally flipping out over what to wear.  do i dress down to meet my new classmates?  do i normal self?  do i dress up?  basically it was an internal battle i show up to orientation as me? or do i show up as a muted version of me?  after a lot of turmoil... i finally decided on somewhere in the middle.

dress, Nordstroms (old).  flats, J.Crew.

it's cute, girly...but my midriff isn't showing.  so it's a compromise.  also, as you can see, my furniture had not arrived at this time.  ugh.  talk about feeling unsettled, you know?

so orientation went okay - awkward but i met a few nice people!  and i know it will get better.  i'll settle into it, put a little grit in there....i'll feel comfortable in no time.

and then, MUCH to my delight, my furniture and everything came TODAY!  it's been a frenzied day of unpacking and putting everything away.  i had some pretty clutch help from a pretty clutch someone - and you can all fur coats & Marchesa dress survived the move and are resting comfortably in their new closet!

not everything is settled, but the new bedspread is FIERCE.  as is my new big mirror!

closet #1. yeah that's right.  i have multiple closets that necessitate numbering them.  this one is mega-deep and holds all of my clothes with ease.  i'm SO happy with it!

closet #2.  coats, shoes at the bottom, and "good" dresses.  aka if you require dry-cleaning and you're not floor length, you're on the left side in your own space where you can breath.  so yes, the Marchesa ruffles are stretching themselves out and the Geminola tulle is at full, glorious volume. 

i LOVE having multiple closets!  it's insane!   my folks are coming down on Thursday with the remainder of my new furniture (new TV, kitchen table, media stand - and p.s. thanks to the folks, you guys are the best for all the help you've given me in this move!), and then i'll be all settled with more pictures.  and then class starts next week!  week 1 - totally nervous.

p.s. what i've been listening to....(now in a more fun format!)