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gym get-up - a lesson in why your running look should be chic!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

we've all heard the saying of like..never leave the house without clean underwear on, right?  or your mom telling you that you absolutely cannot leave the house in your pajamas.  because you never know what will happen or what if you got pulled over or you got into an accident and then you were in gross underwear?  well, i can one up this.

i have a somewhat rare condition known as "exercise induced anaphylaxis" - which is where, for reasons unknown, undetectable, and unpredictable, i occasionally go into anaphylactic shock when i'm exercising.  it's happened to me twice now...once two years ago, and once last night.  two years ago, it was mild..some swelling, itchy skin, etc.  last night was severe.  i was running on the treadmill at Equinox, crushing 8 minute miles, and my palms and eyes started to itch.  i was like...damn, i better stop.  i gathered my things, left the gym, headed for the hospital, and in the span of 10 minutes, i went from looking normal to looking like this...

horrific, right?  but more to the point, i was in my gym clothes.sweaty, and in my gym clothes. okay so hang with me here....  so i got to Bellevue Hospital ER, they took me right in (obviously.  you see a chick walk in looking like i did, you take her in instantly), and the little team of ER doctors ascended on me.  first up, a shot of epinephrine.  common for all serious allergic reactions.  i've never had this before, my first attack was no where near this serious, and its an experience i hope to never repeat again.  within 10 seconds of the injection, my heart rate almost tripled, and i went from calm concern about my condition to shaking, almost throwing up, and just in general totally freaking out.  again, this is normal...epinephrine is liquid adrenaline, made to immediately reduce swelling.  but i thought my heart was going to explode.  and then the ER Attending Physcian came into my little area, the big guy in charge, to calm me.  you guys. we're talking George Clooney in ER level of hottness.

how good is my creepy, covert picture?  they were doing rounds, i'd be there for 6 hours, i needed some entertainment.  anyways. Dr. Goldberg. hellllooo.  so he comes in to calm me. tells me to lay back, focus on his eyes, and puts his hand on my shoulder, smooths my hair back, tells me i'm okay, to just breathe, and that he's right there.  and you know what i was thinking?  

"oh my god, he's really hot.  i'm REALLY glad i'm wearing a really cute workout outfit."

RIGHT?! so okay, not everyone gets that excited about their exercise attire.  sometimes, the gym situation is a bleak one.  sweats, baggy tshirts, pants with holes, etc.  and you're just like..hey, it's the gym, i'm here for me, who cares what i look like.  well, let me tell you'll regret that ensemble choice when you end up in the hospital due to exercise induced anaphylaxis and Dr. McDreamy shows up at your bedside and tells you to focus on him.  i'd never been more grateful for my super cute Lululemon Tracker Short II and my Run Swiftly Racerback and flattering Push Your Limits bra.  because while my face looked like THAT and i was freaking out... the rest of me looked banging hot.  

a few suggestions (i tried to keep it somewhat moderate in price...tried.)
lululemon Run: Tracker Short II (the exact pair i was wearing last night!) buy here

lululemon Scoop Neck tank, very sexy but provides great support for the girls buy here

lululemon run: spirit tight II - major booty flattery going on here buy here

Athleta Equator Tank - cute, interesting back detail buy here

Stella McCartney for ADIDAS run performance short. great color, great cut buy here

adidas Supernova Racer Bra - love the crisscross back detail! buy here

lululemon Embrace Crop - these shape and contour your butt to unheard of levels. your milkshake will be bringing all of the doctors to your yard... buy here.

the great thing about all of these clothes...not only do they make you look super cute at the gym (and beyond!  all of this stuff transfers easily to brunch, running errands, or Emergency Room visits!), they are all SUPER functional.  nothing but the best for you guys, right?

so moral of the story: don't leave the house without clean underwear on, and do go to the gym looking frumpy. you never know when you'll end up in the arms of Dr. McDreamy.  for real.

**in all seriousness guys - exercise induced anaphylaxis is very serious and can be deadly.  if you are even running/exercising and feel a sudden onset of allergic reaction symptoms (itchy palms, itchy eyes, facial swelling, chest tightness, wheezing, difficulty breathing...etc) go see a doctor.  i make light of it here, but it is very serious and any kind of allergic reaction should be treated with utmost caution!!!  it's no use looking adorable if you're not with us anymore, you know?**