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girls on film - visual influences

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's tuesday morning, i don't really need to be on campus until later (to organize my desk with my huge crown pen holder - just so everyone's know...clear on things), and i've spent all morning drinking my iced latte, reading the internet exhaustively (okay actually just trolling my fav websites & posting links to my friend's facebook walls), wearing a crop top and making post-it notes on my mac desktop that say "do ab workout" and "read chapter 1 of stat book."  the stat book makes the ab workout sound like super awesome fun, doesn't it?

wait - there's a point here.  so beyond doing all of this crop top wearing and iced latte drinking - i also have been watching my favorite youtube videos.  here's a fun fact - i am a super visual person and i relate this to the fact that i have a pretty frightening eidetic memory.  the recall function of my brain is almost like i watch videos of things that i saw, with extensive detail.  like i'll remember that there was a thread hanging off the left side of your light blue slub cotton t-shirt when you were telling me about your weekend and that you also had six bobby pins in your hair.  at that moment i didn't count those bobby pins but when i'm recalling the situation, i see it so clearly that i can count the bobby pins in your hair.  anyways.  this is why i relate so strongly to video.  i get my BIGGEST source of inspiration from videos... so i thought i'd show you some of my favs.  i think they explain a lot about who i am.

this video was like an epic game-changer for me during undergrad.  like hello?!  gorgeous doesn't care at all what others are doing... YES.  GENIUS.

another great Jag commercial with great, sexy music & a woman who loves to be driven around while doing hair flips.  essentially, this is my life, minus the Jag part.

ok last great Jag commercial - i LOVE this song like more than anything.  it's one of my top songs ever.  i listen it to on repeat a lot.  and then..Gorgeous Knows a Racing Heart...and then there's that woman doing hair flips again, but this time she's doing it while dancing around a private jet while wearing high heels.  so that explains a lot.

a Victoria's Secret commerical with Adriana Lima and...Bob Dylan?  weirdest pairing ever.  but GREAT song, and i love Adriana and this came out during my...junior year of high school? and i used to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that i taped on VHS like over and over and over again.  Adriana Lima is my spirit model guide.

speaking of which..duh!  there's a lot going on here, let me walk you through it.  first there's Tyra. BEEP. next.  i hate Tyra and she's so embarrassing in this opening walk.  and then Adriana comes out and she's like "let me show you how this is done" in her knee high boots.  then Karolina Kurkova comes out in the million dollar bra and her legs are 43 miles long and that's all there is to it.  then Naomi walks and everyone else should just go home because no one walks better than Naomi.  the only person to come close is Gisele and she's out next and gurl she WERKS that runway and even blows past Naomi like betch, get out of my way.  this is how i walk around campus too, i think.  and then more girls and then comes Ana Beatriz Barros to close the segment in a robe/cape and ...yep.  this is also from a time before Janet Jackson showed her boob at the Superbowl, so they show the models' asses.  no blurring.  such a formative influence in my early life.  model walk, WORK GIRL.  i still do my model walk down any and all long hallways. that's been my morning.